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Say goodbye to a wallet full of cards and a pocket full of keys.
Say hello to Robin.


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Pay for anything.
Access everything.
Go anywhere.

Robin is a new mobile wallet and ultra-wearable device solution that replaces your wallet and keys. The tiny, lightweight, and unbreakable Robin can hold your ID, debit and credit cards, gym pass, building pass/fob, and transit card information, all of which is also available on your phone in our mobile wallet, backed up in the cloud. You’ll soon wonder why you carried around that bulky, leather filing cabinet for so long.

And soon, there’ll be no need for those jagged pieces of metal in your pocket either. Robin is going to replace your keys and be able to open all the locks in your life. Pretty cool, huh?

Get ready for more freedom and access than ever before. Get ready for Robin.




One of the coolest things about the ultra-wearable part of Robin is that it's not defined by, or limited to, a body part – you can wear it anyway and anywhere you want.



Slide your Robin into the silicon band and enjoy the convenience of always having your money and keys on hand (well, technically on wrist).


Clothing Clip

Never sit lop-sided again because of your Costanza wallet. Just snap your Robin into the clip accessory and attach it anywhere on your clothing. Now you can leave your leather filing cabinet at home.


Who'd have thought you could put your whole wallet on a keychain and replace those jagged metal things all in once fell swoop? Robin did.


Questions, Comments, Marriage Proposals?

We're a startup that values your feedback. If you have any questions or comments about Robin, please drop us a note.